Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion Celebrating the Funk Era

Are you into the funk? Get Funk T-Shirts and Sweatshirts!

Buy a T-Shirt For Funk Lovers!

Funk Soul Brother Tees
Funk Soul Brother Tees by SloganJoe
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Funk Soul Brother Hoodie
Funk Soul Brother Tees by SloganJoe
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Kool and The Gang, Shalamar etc. That Era SHALL NEVER DIE!

Introducing the ancient art of Fart Fu!

Farting can be used as a defence weapon. You can use this fart loading Sweatshirt

Farting as a Weapon Hoodie/Sweatshirt!

Fart loading hoodie, sweatshirt
Fart loading tshirt by patricia_lane80
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Do you have any Karate Kung Fu bully making your life a living hell?
 Let him know the ancient defence you have in store!

Spooky Eggs T-Shirt!

Would you eat fried eggs shaped like this?

T-Shirt to Protest Your Mother in Law's Cooking

Breakfast Skull Tee Shirt
Breakfast Skull Tee Shirt by Tstore
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 You don't like the way her eggs and bacon tastes? This T-Shirt is expressive!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dad to Grandad Promotion: Long Sleeve TShirt Version.

If You are in a hurry to be a dad!

Great Dads Grandpa Shirts
Great Dads Grandpa Shirts by FurorDesigns
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This T-Shirt is telling you one of the fringe benefits!
However, be warned, being a great dad is not easy!!