Monday, July 29, 2013

UFC Fans All Ages Wears

Mixed Martial Arts UFC for the family

Get UFC branded T-Shirts etc.

UFC Families and Fans T-Shirts

UFC t-shirts etc

I've seen the Mixed Martial Arts guys in UFC.

Might be bloody, but more convincing than Wrestling today.

Merchandise for UFC teens,  families and fans

Friday, July 26, 2013

T-Rex T-Shirt Green version

Red Dynosaur T-Shirt

Red T Shirt Tyrannosaurus

Refer to earlier post. This is the Red version

Tyrannosaurus Rex Exercises Anyway!

T-Shirt pushing up with mouth Long Sleeve T-Shirt
T Rex Hates Push Ups?

My Response: Look on the bright side, T-Rex, you get to pump up your jaw muscles!

Anti Diarrhea Bomb Disposal

How to deal with Diarrhea T-Shirt     

White T-Shirt Diarrhea
Green T-Shirt Diarrhea

My Response: I wont, I'll detonate you from 5 miles away by remote. Much Safer!!